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samsung galaxy note 21

(Tema creado el: 01-23-2021 03:20 PM)
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I'm making this post to thank Samsung for their devoted works and the effort they're putting into our expectations and trying their best to ensure out satisfactions.
 Now my petition is for that matter note series might end in the near future if not ended already I will ask you even beseech you guys please not to .

Because there's people who pretty much are heavy users and like to go deeper in things in life we love our note phones my second phone ever was the note 3,note 8,note9 and nownote 10+ so now im hoping desperately, waiting for the next note 21 to buy it just hope it will pack the under screen camera please do not end this phone category is the only phone I've been using in pass decade is galaxy note phone and always will be im die hard note fan
Best regards.....
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