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Galaxy S22 Ultra's Lackluster Camera Performance

(Topic created on: 05-20-2022 06:47 PM)
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Hey y'all, recently on Twitter, I've been seeing tons of posts about the S22 Ultra's camera performance, specifically how disappointing it is. There are users from all over the world complaining about the poor HDR (High dynamic range) processing and night photography on the S22U's camera system. Personally, I've noticed that this phone tends to be a bit too heavy-handed on contrast, often crushing shadows and clipping highlights even in ideal lighting conditions, making daytime photos look subpar when compared to other flagship smartphones. Don't even get me started on night mode, you can barely see any details in *slightly* lower-lit portions of photos. This really begs the question of what Samsung was touting about when they coined the term "Nightography". Alarmingly, there are instances where I find that my almost 2-year-old Note 20 Ultra to perform better in high contrast scenes and dark environments. However, these are merely my opinions, I'm curious as to what the rest of you S22U users think of the phone's camera performance. Do sound off in the comments whether or not you agree with my statement. 

I am aware that Samsung is constantly updating their phones to improve user experience and I hope Samsung could address these camera issues with a future software update. 
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I agree with your statement. And I hope that Samsung will continue to improve the camera performance. Now, even other android phone produce nice HDR photos. So Samsung should level up their camera performance.