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Awesome is What I'm Doing Challenge - My 1st Entry

(Topic created on: 07-30-2022 09:14 PM)
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Below are the Awesome things I do everyday, as a mother of three. "My child's achievement, is also my achievement." Aside from doing the usual home job of a mother, I always find time to bond with my children, make them feel good about themselves by constantly reminding them that they are worthy, unique, intelligent, brave and awesome in their on ways. I help them boost their self-esteem. I make sure my children has the chance to develop their strengths, by providing them the necessary tools and methods in making these developments possible. This picture was taken during the graduation ceremonies of my eldest son - which I consider one of my proudest moments as his mother. That's why I set it on my phone as my screen lock wallpaper. 


 On the other hand, the awesome things I love about the Galaxy A Series is that they offer solid features and specifications for a low price devices. In addition, I like the fact that Galaxy A Series provide awesome features like, awesome screen quality, awesome cameras - which allows me to capture crisp, clear photos, smoother videos, even in low light, fully optimized software and lastly, has a long lasting battery life.