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Samsung did not honour their promotion vouchers

(Topic created on: 04-27-2023 05:35 PM)
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Hi there,

Hoping I can find some help here. 
I had purchased S22 Ultra last year under this promotional banner under the Safra EPP Store.
There were multiple emails sent regarding the delivery of the adapter and the Galaxy voucher, but at least I received it.
I had followed up on the vouchers for more than 6 months (from May 2022, they told me in end June 2022 they have "escalated to the relevant team to expedite to deliver to me" via email but I received absolutely nothing). When I tried to follow up again in Dec 2022 they said the vouchers had expired.
Trade-in was also not done smoothly and now they are asking for payment which I missed. So I asked if they can offset the value of the vouchers for the pending payment which they have flatly denied.

My email correspondences with them are close to 20 messages long. I had to chase them for delivery of what I was supposed to get but in the end I didn't even get them. In short, my experience with Samsung has been the worst for any product I have purchased. Can Samsung provide a satisfactory resolution to the above issues?





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You are not alone experiencing a frustrating experience when purchasing from Samsung Store.

My recent purchase experience of the S23 Ultra from Samsung Store Online was the same. Despite the order page showing that S21 users are entitled to an over trade of $500, the over trade value was stated as $200 upon checkout.

The discrepency sparked rounds of calls into the call centre, attempting to get it resolved. Agents can even deny the existence of this promotion despite it being listed on their website.

Till date, it has been a good 2 weeks and Samsung still cannot tell me what went wrong and how they are going to refund me the over charged $300.

If they are not going to refund, isnt this a case of misleading customers to make purchases with false advertisements?

Samsung Singapore, i hope that you will revisit all your promotional clauses and honour what is stated on your website.
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Yes,they always never honour