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I'm so disappointed in all this, I get the Samsung S21 ultra to bonus get the Galaxy pro buds for free just have to fill out the order and put in the code, I did all that, was waiting still didn't show up, so I called to find out where they were.
They tell me I didn't order it or didn't finish the order. He asked if I got a confirmation, I said no.
The guy from Samsung tells me go check your spam, so I do and there it is.
However, I don't check my spam cause they always send me stuff on my normal mail. WHY WOULD THEY SEND IT TO MY SPAM????
So because now I waited and didn't see that, they WILL NOT HONER it.
Yet I showed them all the proof of screen shots and when they sent me in spam.
I really thought Samsung was a repretable company, guess I was wrong.
All I wanted was my galaxy buds pro and did everything they asked.
So not fair!!!


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well, i agree with everything you say, but I don't think anyone can force the email to go into recipients spam folder. it all depends on the email client you use and how you train it to work. i would periodically check my spam mail folder to see if there is any real mail other than the 20 Million lottery that i win twice on a daily basis.

Hi jules69, 

Please check the direct message I sent you by following the below instructions. Log in to the web version of Samsung Members community Canada (Link: https://r1.community.samsung.com/t5/community/ct-p/ca-community) and click on the Message icon at the top right(Samsung Members) >> Inbox >> Reply to the DM(Direct Message).

I never got any messages