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Tell us your best date idea #withGalaxy, get a chance to join an exclusive Samsung event!

(Topic created on: 02-07-2023 09:03 PM)


Hey Members!

Want to score a ticket to the most exclusive Samsung event of the year?

Tell us your best date idea using a Samsung product to get a chance to join the an exclusive Samsung event on February 14!

Winners will be announced by Friday, February 10. So get those thinking caps on and tell us your best date ideas in the comments section!


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Exactly! Galaxy S23 Ultra is in our top wishlist!

We're selonophile couple. Whenever we're apart, we're like, "Hey! Look at the moon!", "full moon will be on...", or "did you see it?". We even sent our captured picture of the moon and feel sorry about the shots 😅.

Hopefully, we could have the S23 ULtra ☺️20221229_173404 (1)_1000010888_1672366792.jpg20221128_174348_1000009166_1669629153.jpg20221229_200943_1000010889_1672366905.jpg20230202_180224 (2)_1000014133_1675332264.jpg
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As cheesy as it sounds, me and my wife just love cuddling during date night while watching our favorite movie together. We watch all night in our Samsung Tv with wine and chips on the side. And we never forget to take pictures of that moment, lots of lots of picture,just the way she likes it. And ofcoarse, we use our Samsung galaxy (Note20 for me, Zfold3 for her), to team up in playing games, just for the thrill of it while on a date.
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It all starts when you wake up feeling so cold, and you turn off the WindFree™ in your room, but you notice that your husband is not by your side. So, you got up only to find your husband looking for something at the BeSpoke Refrigirator that you love so much. He did not even notice that you were now up. You sneaked from him behind and hugged him and he is so surprised, yet so happy. He told you that he is preparing some breakfast for the two of you.

Then, you thought of watching some movies the whole day, using The Freestyle Smart Projector while reminiscing some pictures from your Galaxy Smartphones.

"Because sometimes, ordinary things are what makes our life extraordinary."
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Kakanood ko po yan ng KDrama HAHAHA 😂