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Terrible experience

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Hi, I recently purchased the z filp5. I traded in my Galax note 20 ultra and note 10 plus. Note 20 is $285 and note10 plus us $155 as a security deposit by Asurion. I received my new z flip5 and later I received an email from Asurion for my old phone return. I printed the postage details and dropped my 1 devices in Auspost within a day after receiving my z flip5 .because, i changed mine and u want to keep note 10plus. After a few weeks I got a mail from Asurion stating that my device is not in good condition and they can only credit $10 into my account for the device. My device was in perfect condition and I would have got more Money if I would have sold it outside, atleast more than $10 which Asurion is offering me. Who want to change 10 doller for good mobile. And better keep one. My mobile condition is good. Not at all happy with Samsung trade in with Asurion as a partner. I wouldn't do tread up with Samsung company in the future. It was very terrible and horrible experience. Also, one of my friend same situation and she got $ 250 at apple store. The staff organized the price . 
Other thing , I went to Samsung store , what is condition for tread up then one of staff told me as long as the screen okay with out creck will be good condition. That's why I decided to tread up at online.
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Sadly, if you want to read more such stories, on Community page, top right, search for Asurion.
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Hey @pink888

I am sorry that you are having this issue. I would really like to look into this for you. If you could send an email through to members.au@samsung.com I will have this issue escalated for you.

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