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It has a little lag when I push the button trying tu unlock my s10+ View Post

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We seem to be weeks behind everyone else. Any updates on the final release for us with LRA carrier? View Post

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Is anyone else having problems with the new 3rd beta update? I have tried to do the update probably 10 times now and everytime its finished the update... View Post


same View Post

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I have checked daily to update my Galaxy S10 Plus (unlocked) (Sprint) to the latest software and security patch with no luck. I am still running Oct.... View Post

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Is anyone else having issues with Disney Plus saying "it's not compatible with this device"  View Post


yes the beta says that the system is not compatible with the Disney app View Post

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I've been on the Beta version and have still received no updates for the full android 10 version. Everyone I know has that has the same carrier... View Post


still nothing. tried wiping cache partition and rebooting again. still says it's up to date. View Post