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Fellow Metro S9 (unlocked) users, have you gotten Android 10 yet? I'm still waiting and supposedly it was supposed to come out on the 23rd... View Post


yeah my apps keep crashing because of the beta and since theirs no f'ing update I can't even use som... View Post

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The wait is almost about to end as, we should soon get the Final Beta update. For T Mobile we may get the final update in February 23, unless T Mobile... View Post


doesn't say anything for those of us with (TMK) unlocked variants. View Post

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Since the last update I've noticed my battery drains faster than ever. Waiting on official version (hoping this is not an issue) View Post


same issue. gonna try hardware cache partitioning clearing. clearing thru app has no effect View Post

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Still no update on us unlocked S9... This has to be the dumbest order to device updating I've ever been a part of. Even HTC always updated... View Post


Thank you for your post. We appreciate your contribution to the Beta community. View Post

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So when synced with my Ford Sync3 using Android Auto, the Google Maps voice directions have a pretty dramatic pause in the middle of sentences. It... View Post


Please try clearing the system cache and rebooting your device. If issue persists, please send us an... View Post

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