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Samsung dex gaming

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Samsung DeX

DeX needs to have a touch overlay built into it so you can assign mouse/KB or gamepad input to on-screen functions. This already exists on a number of different devices, including a couple of apps for third-party controllers, so it's not like Samsung can't do it.


Unfortunately, most good options on the Play Store or apk market either require root or require a third-party controller to be connected. Having this as a native part of OneUI/DeX would be the ideal. It would definitely go a long way toward completing the DeX experience and legitimizing mobile gaming.


Imagine being able to sit down with DeX and play CoD: Mobile with a keyboard and mouse. The experience would be almost indistinguishable from desktop gaming.


just re posting old poste han hope the can fix this  i am useing samsung galaxy s22 ultra i realy want key mapping for gaming in samsung dex on my Phone.

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Samsung DeX


with this or others you can play on keybourd and mouse...

You can map your touch areas of display to k. and mouse