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Friend together challenge steps 1/2 total monthly steps?

(Topic created on: 08-16-2021 11:27 PM)
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Hi there Samsung members. Absolutely love my s20 ultra. But I am noticing when I challenge friends to steps, the "leaderboard" doesn't match my overall monthly steps? For example, we started the challenge at start of August. I has zero steps to start, as did others. Slowly I noticed that even though I have 100,000 steps at August 16 (gimme a break, I'm disabled 😆 with issues at both ankles), my challenge steps are sub 50,000. I don't have other devices or sync issues, so my total steps are 100,000+ half way through.

Are the friend challenges based on weekly steps or monthly? Can anyone answer why they are so out of whack? Just curious.

Thanks. Live the challenges though. I work better with a goal or challenge and it's helping greatly. If anything there should be even MORE challenge options.