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Monthly steps challenge

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I'm wondering how there are people with over 1 million steps already when we're only 14 days into the month. You'd have to average 71000/ day to reach that amount of steps..... don't feel motivated to join these if people are scamming the record


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Not sure how Samsung watch records steps bit I know with Garmin you can set your stride length so some people set it as short as possible. You can also set the watch too walk and if you are in your car it still records as if you are walking. Just know in your mind your steps are genuine, these people are just cheating themselves.
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Hi, There are different factors that can cause the watch's step count to be inaccurate. However, you may need to verify how your steps are being counted by Samsung Health.

Factors that cause inaccuracy

The accuracy of the watch's step measurement can be affected by the following factors:

Make sure your watch and the Samsung Health app are using the latest software.

Environmental and skin conditions may affect how well the steps are recorded.

Steps are not counted when there is no hand movement in the exercise. For example, steps may not be recorded when pushing a lawn mower or cart because your hands are not moving. The watch is intended to calculate real step counts while walking.

Walk naturally without looking at the watch or your shoulders, elbow and wrist being raised. When you walk looking at the watch, the accelerometer will not properly measure your steps taken, distance traveled, or even calories burned.

The step count may not increase immediately when walking or exercising due to the step count algorithm. When the algorithm detects 10 continuous steps, the algorithm starts to count your steps taken and updates the step count.

You may experience a brief delay before the Steps app displays your latest step count. There may also be a delay before the Goal pop-up window appears.

If you use the steps tracker while traveling by car or train, vibration may affect your step count.

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Annoys the flip out of me as well.  Current month leader has 1,011836 steps which if you break it down over 6 days, 16 hrs a day is over 10,000 steps an hour.  Just not possible and your cannot report them even tho the rules say "Where dishonesty or fraud is detected regarding the number of steps, you will be dropped from the current challenge and be unable to participate in the same challenge again."

Definitely discouraging but I try to ignore it and just see how well I can do each month.

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16 of the month and top users at over 2 million steps. How is this just getting worse and worse??
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Riiiight!!! I was thinking the same thing.  Might be a bit more fun if there was a way we could add one another and create challenges against each other.  That's be fun!