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Please reinstate Weekly/Monthly Views

(Topic created on: 01-16-2021 08:08 PM)
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Samsung Health

I note that the latest version of Samsung Health on my S20 only displays daily stats and the former option to display weekly or monthly results has been removed. What am I supposed to do for the longer term figures, manually transfer the daily ones to OneDrive and use a spreadsheet? It would be simpler to uninstall **bleep** altogether. Please restore the former functionality asap.


Since I bought the S20 (my 4th Galaxy S) the changes to Gallery/PC photo synchronisation that excluded my SIM card was Strike 1 against Samsung and this change to **bleep** is Strike 2. One more app function downgrade and I will be changing brand for my next phone.



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Samsung Health

Still waiting for Samsung to re-install weekly and monthly averages for ACTIVE TIME as we have before. Who can "read" and came to a conclusion by looking at the array of colored hearths ?? They are not useful !!Health.jpg