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Samsung health could be a lot better!!!

(Topic created on: 02-22-2022 05:52 AM)
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Samsung Health


I love the brand, and I have pretty much everything in terms of wearable (beyond TV, washing machine...)

But let's be honest. No one wants to be stuck with a single brand when there are thousands of applications out there.


Improve Samsung Health
- Allow users to set their own heart rate zones. Standard rates (220 - age) are a good average, but each individual has their own numbers. If they know it, why not allow the change?

- You can do a lot better in terms of exporting exercise data. Lots of information are provided on the screen, and just a few show up when exporting. Athletes want to share their full results with their trainers, docs, physiologists.


All data should be open for integration
- Providing a standard Bluetooth heart rate profile, used by chest straps should always be the goal. I would love to see an integration with the HRV4Tranning app, just for instance.

- Allow exercise, sleep, body composition... to be integrated with other apps.


Samsung Health
they really need to intergrate other services a lot better like my fitnesspal and such... I love this app but your right it needs a lot of work it should be on par with apples app especially with the new intergration of wearOS
Samsung Health

Hi, We will consider it as a feedback.

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Samsung Health

We also need to be able to share data with our health care providers.

I'd actually pay for an upgraded sheath system if there we more devs assigned to solve these problems.