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Samsung Health Privacy Violation

(Topic created on: 01-19-2023 05:52 PM)
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Samsung Health REQUIRES access to your cell phone number for its "Samsung Health Together". This is a privacy violation. I don't want people knowing I'm using Samsung Health. I don't want people sending me invites. I want to use Samsung Health in privacy. Samsung: Too Bad.

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You can disable phone number autorisation for Samsung Health Screenshot_20230119_162125_Permission controller.jpgScreenshot_20230119_162120_Permission controller.jpg
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lol, what "people" do you think knows that you are using Samsung Health, other than everyone here now. 

You can disable just about every permission, including the phone as @samy2022 said.

If anything, from the privacy side, the phone number can be used to verify that it is actually you, and not someone else.

If you've been on the internet for more than a minute, your privacy has already been violated.. 

I don't understand why some people who have smart phones, are so concerned about privacy, that is almost certainly long gone.