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[Suggestion] More Samsung Health Widgets

(Topic created on: 02-04-2022 02:42 AM)
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Samsung Health
I would love to see some more Samsung health Widgets come to galaxy devices to serve as shortcuts to features within the app, or to allow users to complete quick tasks without entering the app (such as a water shortcut).
Specific widgets I'd personally like to see are:
- Health heart rings
- Sleep tracking
- Sleep tracking graph (gw4 needed)
- Workout tiles
- Body composition (gw4 needed)
- Heart rate (Note 10 & later gw4 needed)
- Together steps progress
- Deep breathing 

Come on Samsung, you've created a decent ecosystem, show it off! Samsung health has been a fantastic health app which Ive used for 7 years now. Let's increase its presence within One UI a little more.
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Samsung Health

On my Samsuns S10e I only have steps in Samsung Health widget. Tha't the only thing I don't care about. I would like a widget to record food, water intake, weight. Now I have to open the actual app and input those there. Please make a widget where you can costumize the content!

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Samsung Health

I agree and hope Samsung does add more widgets for heath. I would love to see a widget that shows your heart rings progress on the phone like they already have one on the watch. It would be nice to have that as a lock screen widget also.