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Watch5 temperature

(Topic created on: 10-08-2022 11:57 PM)
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Can the watch5 monitor skin temperature? I'd like the  values tracked in Samsung Heslth.

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The sensor is there. But the actual functionality of it isn't out yet.

And nobody knows when Samsung will release the features pertaining to that sensor.
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Hi, we would like to tell you that currently, there is no temperature mode built in to the Samsung Health Monitoring app.

It cannot measure body temperature.

We'll ensure you that it will be considered as feedback and value your time contacting us.

We certainly bring it to our team for further review.

Hopefully, the feature that you're expecting might be added in a future update.

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I suspect the skin temperature sensor is already functional and is help to optimize accuracy with sleep tracking and woman's menstrual cycle.

They are likely holding back any parlor use of skin temperature because it'll likely require medical certification. Maybe this time they are doing that in the background first as opposed to advertising the feature without its benefit applicable in major markets. Blood pressure and other sensors were a fiasco.

This is pure speculation though.
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There's a sensor there it's just not active in Canada yet, I have a feeling it'll be active in the new year or as soon as it's active in other regions there's always a way to unlock it through Android lol I'll keep this thread in mind and update you when I get new info