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Does anyone else having problem accessing samsung pay from the bottom. I have those navigation gesture in use and sometimes samsung pay disappears and... View Post

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Dear  Samsung can you explain to me WHY you need access to my contacts and my  phone? every time when you have updated it's soothing new to ask... View Post

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삼성페이에 나라사랑카드 후불형 교통카드를 등록했는데 사용할 때마다 "결제 중에는 티머니 교통카드를 사용할 수 없습니다" 라는 문구가 나옵니다 해결 방법이 없을까요?  View Post

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I use  swipe gesture for navigation on my s21u. Its great but sometimes the samsung pay shortcut disappears. I have been checking it for few days it... View Post

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