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membership, gift cards and tickets

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Why is Samsung pay lacking what apple wallet has. I miss the feature where I would have my Starbucks card (which Samsung pay doesn't have) in the Wallet app and especially the plane ticket and movie tickets would show up on the Wallet App. I don't un...

Posted by: Baspi
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Samsung pay

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When will Samsung pay update and support more banks?.... I've been really interested in using Samsung pay but as of currently it doesnt support my bank.....

Posted by: timk204
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Samsung pay touch

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So checking out the news and tips page it looks like Samsung made a new app called Samsung pay touch. Where it's like square but with nfc in your phone where people can tap their debt or credit card on your phone. Yes this maybe geared towards small ...

Posted by: Habsfan
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Samsung Pay

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Do I need to keep NFC on to use Samsung pay via phone? S10+. yesterday for the first time it didnt work..same place I go all the time. It kept saying close to terminal but I was literally touching it. I noticed NFC was on so I turned it off still no ...

Membership Cards - Backup

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Is it possible to backup Membership cards? This am with support they wanted to reset the Samsung Pay app but couldn't confirm if the Membership cards would be recoverable. If not very poor

Posted by: gmow
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Samsung Pay Canada Debit

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Is there any news on if/when debit will be accepted on Samsung Pay for the Gear s3 watch?I bought a Samsung watch with S-Pay in mind and am frustrated that debit isn't supported.

Posted by: Digital
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