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I added money to my Samsung Pay via my Bank account. It shows I transferred $400 - Where is it

(Topic created on: 01-01-2022 07:29 PM)
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Hi - I set up my Samsung Pay. I added $400 to my Samsung pay via my bank account. How do I use it? I can see it listed as a transaction, but I don't see how I can access it. When I look at my Samsung Pay cash electronic debit card, it shows $0, and if i add to it, it looks like I am being asked to transfer money to it from my bank again. When I look at the Samsung Money by SoFi, it says I can add money, but then it looks like the same scenario.

So, how to I access that $400


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What country you are staying?? Maybe you are not Malaysian user. Malaysia Samsung pay does not have those feature to credit in. You may talk to your country Samsung CS.