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Points expiring!!!

(Topic created on: 08-22-2020 03:37 PM)
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Samsung Pay
i already raise up this issue before but seem Samsung comeback with this thing again. Points expiring soon!!!Oh please we using Samsung Pay to Gain Points not too lose it. i know i can export/import but it not worth it. so i prefer to keep it for better redeem😑So please Samsung Team remove the Date expire of the Samsung Pay Points.

I hope u can hear Me.
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Samsung Pay

Hi kittyComey,

This is Moderator from Samsung Members Community.

Thank you for bringing the suggestion to our attention and contribute in helping us to improve our service in the future. We noted of your feedback in regards to Samsung Rewards Points.

We are working on bringing exciting offers from time to time. Stay tuned for our next exciting rewards!


Thank you for your continuous support towards Samsung Pay!