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Samsung Pay Pin Entry Unresponsive

(Topic created on: 12-30-2021 12:54 AM)
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Samsung Pay

I have a Samsung A9 Pro (2016) model purchased in 2017 which I use for my financial transactions.

During July 2021, I realised that the front side glass is coming off. I took the phone to a Samsung showroom and was told that this is happening because the battery has swelled after 4 years. I asked them to replace the battery but was told that battery for A9 Pro is not manufactured any more. 

So, I purchased a non-OEM battery and gave it to a Samsung-affiliated store for replacement and the battery was replaced by removing the backside panel and glass screen.

After I received the phone back, I factory reset the phone and again installed all the apps. Interestingly, I could not enter Pin to setup Samsung Pay. The pin screen will not allow me to type any number.

However, I can install other apps and can even make calls. Only problem is with Samsung Pay. I checked and found that Knox count is still 0X0, which mean Knox is not tripped. So, what is the issue? Any suggestion on resolution? 

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Hmmmm... can factory reset again?