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Send feedback/email/call/live chat etc

(Topic created on: 05-24-2020 10:41 AM)
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Samsung Pay
Hello. I was thinking that we should sound our suggestion regrading Samsung Pay improvement. Some people may alrdy done it but the more we voice, they will take us seriously.

1. More selection when adding memberships cards
I understand that we are able to add loyalty cards that not listed inside but they are some loyalty card that uses QR Code instead using barcode.

2. Adding more bank to support Samsung Pay
Still unsupported card such as PBB debit card & CIMB debit card. Prepaid card from Aeon Credit, Big Pay and etc will be useful in the future for Samsung Pay.

3. Gift Card Store
Able to purchase gift cards from 711, Netflix, Starbucks etc in the Samsung Pay app. And even better able send to other users as a gift.

4. More promotion on Samsung Reward

5. Samsung Pay Cash/Money Transfer

Hope u guys will sound your suggestion & feedback to them. List some point, you may use it on your writing, and add on your own too.

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Samsung Pay
a lot of the suggestions above is good but involves a lot of limitations due to gov rulings.

samsung pay is merely a digital payment platform and not a financial product.

but I do agree to have more options of banks cards accepted but it also depends on whether banks whether they wanna tokenized their card in order to accept samsungpay.

so all I can say is it isn't so simple as we consumers wants.