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Samsung Watch 6 Classic- Help needed!!

(Topic created on: 08-22-2023 03:51 PM)
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I've got a few niggles with my Samsung 6 classic watch and I was hoping someone could help. I have the watch paired with a Google Pixel 7 pro.


1) Cannot back up my watch: I have Smart Switch installed in my phone, however I cant seem to find a way to back up my watch. In the accounts and backup screen on the watch, it lists both my Samsung and Google accounts, but in the Back up section... it says No Back up for this watch. It's been like this since I got the watch

2) Cannot download the much loved "Frontier", "Tomcat" and "Classic Adventurer" watch faces that I had for my Wear 3 device. They show up in the "Watch faces" screen of the Wear app, however when I try to download it, it says " There was a problem connecting to the network. Try again Later". I have tried repeatedly and even tried resetting my watch and setting it up as a new one.

3) No map view in the "Find My Watch" screen. I have seen reviews where in the "Find my watch" screen, one can see a map and a gps position showing the watch. My screen just has a text box which which says "Your watch will play a sound and vibrate, when you tap start". What am I doing wrong ?

4) I cannot seem to update the software. The OneUI Watch version is 5.0, version is 1AWG1 and Security patch level is 1 June 2023. I have tried the Watch Software update in the Wear app, but it says "Your Watch is up to date"

Finally, if I tap the bezel gently with my finger I can hear an audible tap...as if the bezel is loose, is this normal?

Any help would be greatly appreciated !!!

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I backup from the galaxy wear app, not the watch, watch settingd/account and backup.