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For some reason the Facebook messenger private message pop sound is being used for every application notification sound?? 🤦‍♀️.. And can't... View Post


Thank u! I think I've worked it out View Post

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I have managed to change my photos appearance in gallery and I can't change them back .The contrast is all wrong. View Post


In that case. Here try this. See the photo I sent. You can adjust whatever style you want then click... View Post

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Hi the other day at work a bit of water got into the charging port usb-c and now the only way I can charge my phone at the end of the day is to... View Post


Hi lachied, we recommend that you send the device to our service center - Here we can check / repair... View Post

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My S20 died earlier today and i now stuck with a green/white flickering screen that I can't read or do much with. I did somehow manage to factory... View Post


Hi Chris,   if you haven't already please reach out to our customer support team via the 'Get help' ... View Post

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Hi thereMy Samsung Health app has stopped showing detailed comparisons with each week, most dissapointingly  in the nutrition/calories section and the... View Post


Ok so I'm still not getting any comparative data in my weekly summary, and was dismayed to see that ... View Post

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Keeps dropping call and network issues since day1.  View Post


 Hi! if you haven't already please reach out to our customer support team via the 'Get help' section... View Post

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