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So the button has 3 modes u can assign. One press, double and press and hold. 

But I think the button can do more. For example, press once every time to cycle through preset scenes. Like sunny, night or movie. This is something Philips hue button already does. 

Another issue is with button: I set press and hold to dim lights to 1%. And then there's no going back to 100% except from app. So perhaos, like above suggestion, if there are multiple toggles and in this case going back to 100%, this can be great. 

I love how every smartthings has temperature monitor. It'll also be a nice addition to have humidity sensor in select few, like button. 

Finally a bug I noticed for button. When selecting multiple device and using switching state (on and off), saving it doesn't actually save. Have to reenter each device and pressing back button to activate it. Otherwise it is stuck to either on or off.