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Enable Hotspot on wifi-only tablet (work around)

(Topic created on: 04-15-2024 06:41 AM)
Beginner Level 2
Hi all, 

I have discovered a solution to the issue of Samsung Wi-Fi-only tablets being unable to function as Wi-Fi repeaters. Samsung has disabled the Mobile & Hotspot settings on these devices because they lack the necessary 4G/5G SIM card for mobile connectivity. 

Fortunately, some people might use the tablet as a convienient Wi-Fi repeater. Hope Samsung brings back this option soon!

There are some app that are available from the Play store without rooting. In this workaround, 1st solution is for enabling hidden Wi-Fi tethering and the 2nd solution is to edit hotspot settings & change password.

1) To enable/disable "mobile hotspot":
Download from Playstore: VPN Hotspot by Mygod Studio

1. Allow necessary permissions.
2. Enable Wi-Fi hotspot
3. Check on status bar for Hotspot icon
4. Connect & enjoy.

This part is when you need to change the hotspot settings/create password from the hidden menu.

2) To configure hidden mobile hotspot settings:
Download from Playstore: Activity Launcher by Adam Szalkowski

1. Open app & search for "mobile hotspot"
2. Select "Mobile Hotspot", it should open up to your password settings for mobile hotspot.
3. Change/rename your Hotspot name/password/band.
4. Enjoy. You may uninstall this app after configuring.

There you go. A solution for the hidden Mobile Hotspot & Tethering options that Samsung have kept hidden from Wi-Fi only tablets.