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OneUI 6.1 for Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra is here, and here are some thoughts

(Topic created on: 04-04-2024 10:50 PM)
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It's alright. Aside from the "AI" features (some are nice, some obviously won't work as expected), here are some thoughts I have that interested me.

Notification and Control Center:
They finally fixed the scaling! It's not as narrow as it was before (as narrow as a phone's screen), however, it's shorter. They were so close!

Batter Management:
The S9U's battery is just as hard to kill as it is to charge. The new battery management features are a welcome change, especially to those who charge overnight.

Lockscreen Widgets: 
Yes, the implementation is somewhat similar to iOS, and that's okay FOR PHONES. The hidden widgets are fine, but the ones you can set is very limited in space, as if negleting the screen real estate of tablets. The limited selection does not bother me.

Mouse Cursor:
They changed it... Not sure how to feel about it for now.

Classic DeX:
Nothing changed as in NOTHING. WHY

New DeX:
If they somehow blended the Classic and New DeX features together, it would be great.

Circle to Search:
The implementation works well for phones, but not so much for tablets.
Suggestions for tablet implementation (though I doubt this will come to fruition):
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Dedicated key press for non-gesture navigation users
  • SPen Air-Action integration
"AI" Reminders:
The AI features are meant to be utilized, not abused. Utilize it to be presentable and productive depending on use cases. To be enslaved by technology is the same as being too dependent on it. Have fun!