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Samsung DEX

(Topic created on: 12-14-2022 12:16 AM)
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I want people who over rate samsung dex as a powerful feature will yes it is a powerful feature but it is not useful but literally it is Samsungs dumb version of windows launcher, on play store their are 3ʳᵈ party windows launcher which has more functionality and a dex feel to it and alot of apps still not being optimized. Like they just added the feature with note 8 5 Years ago and other than just bringing wireless dex and 1440p support to certain display with PC and TV support it they have not made much  changes. On a 14.6" tab s8 ultra it is pretty dissapointing even on samsung dex it a boring limited mobile device yes one ui is the best mobile version but on a 14.6" display its not enough and quite boring and limited. Samsung should bring windows multitasking features to samsung dex, taskbar feature making it as advanced as window as the taskbar utilizes the full bottom space and indicates the apps that  are opened and closed and also indicates the amount of tabs u opened for certain app and allows you to open unlimited tabs while samsung dex limits you upto 5 tabs and unlimited apps and ot does not indicate the tabs and app running in te background when on the homescreen. Give samsung dex mode on their tabs basic or upper mid pc level apps to utilize the power, like make them exclusive to samsung dex so we can have some of PC device as samsung dex does not bring pretty much any special desktop functionality. As foldable, rollable and slide kick in more and more, well the zfold 4 besides lacking in screen dex which I just mentioned does not bring versility and give u close to desktop experience it can do everything the tab s8 ultra can In a smaller canvas. They need to do more with their tab s series and dex mainly needs a huge upgrade as it has not been touched for many year I hate it when companies innovate something cool and pretty much forgets about it or not to much with it. Please samsung make these huge tablets closer and closer to a laptop alternative because these displays are to huge to be a mobile device with very negligible desktop experience. The biggest selling point to be who wants this device as a 2 in 1 would be having the ability to install window licensed software programs that the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 could handle to be brought to the tab s8 ultra and maybe certain PC games that Snapdragon 8 gen 1 is powerful enough to handle such as CS GO or Rainbow Six seige games like that with great graphics but not insanely based on graphic. And as for the tab in general would like upper mid range pc specs instead of mobile processor this device is way more capable than its limitation. In basic Word please add Linux to samsung dex and remove its limitation. They discountined it with Android 10 and even though their are ways to emulate it its alot of work and Samsung dex hopefully get Linux software built into sama