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Hello all, few days ago I updated my Bluetooth drivers to my Samsung Galaxy Book 12.1 Windows 2 in 1 laptop. Before all this happened everything was going well. Now this is the problem I'm getting. On the right of the screen near the clock of the taskbar when I click on the notifications icon, the Bluetooth button refuses to show up in Notifications, though I get everything else there. What I need to do each time is to reboot the pc for this to come back on into my notification items, but as soon as I switch off the laptop and in the morning turn it back on again, it goes missing and I'm back to square one. I have updated the Bluetooth drivers to the latest ones, I've even tried to uninstall the drivers from device manager, re booted and the Bluetooth switch will show back into the notification area. It's only when I close the lid and it goes into hybernate mode where I loose it