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Samsung is scamming us with discounts

(Topic created on: 11-20-2023 01:37 PM)
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I recently considered purchasing a Samsung Galaxy S8 plus Tab advertised at a promising price of $379.97. However, upon proceeding to checkout, I was shocked to find the final price inflated to $567. This sharp discrepancy between the displayed and checkout prices left me feeling deceived and frustrated.

Upon reaching out to Samsung's customer support team, I encountered further disappointment. Their response, labeling this significant price difference as a mere "glitch" or "error," offered no resolution or assistance. This lack of accountability and refusal to address the issue left me feeling unheard and disregarded as a customer.

Such misleading pricing practices and the subsequent lack of support from customer service personnel feel nothing short of a blatant attempt to mislead consumers.

As a part of our community, I believe it's crucial to bring such concerns to light, as transparency and fair pricing are fundamental in any customer-business relationship.

I hope that by sharing my experience, we can encourage Samsung to address these discrepancies, uphold fair pricing standards, and ensure that all customers are treated with the honesty and respect they deserve.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I welcome any advice or similar experiences you may have encountered.

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Sorry to read that. At least their support still better than Google 😅