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Second Screen and 16:10 screens

(Topic created on: 09-02-2021 04:06 PM)
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I wanted to use the Second Screen feature of my Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 with my laptop. Both have 16:10 displays but the Tab S7 reports itself as a 16:9 FHD screen. The image sent to my tablet is then squashed, while showing black bars. Does anyone know any workaround for this issue until Samsung fixes this (hopefully)? Thanks.

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Hi HedgehogEngine,
If you are trying to connect your tablet with your PC by using the DeX mode, please follow the steps below and check if it works fine.
With Samsung DeX you can get a desktop experience, without the need for a desktop. Using your monitor and device you can multitask, play games and easily get productivity tasks done, making it possible to ditch the desktop for good.
There are a few different ways that you can connect and use Samsung DeX. You can use DeX with a PC or Mac or directly through a monitor. If you are connecting to a PC all you need is a compatible USB cable. If you are connecting directly to a monitor you will need a Dex Station, DeX Pad or compatible HDMI adaptor.

DeX with a PC
1. Download the DeX app on your PC or Mac
2. Open the DeX for PC app on your desktop
3. Connect your device to your PC with a USB cable
4. Your device will connect to your computer and the DeX interface will appear

DeX with a monitor or without a PC
1. Connect a DeX Station, DeX Pad or HDMI adaptor to your external display. This can be a TV or monitor.
2. If using a mouse and keyboard, connect or pair them to the DeX Station, DeX Pad or your device. Find out more about pairing Bluetooth device
3. Connect your device to the DeX station, DeX Pad or HDMI adaptor
4. Your device will connect to your monitor and the DeX interface will appear