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Tab S9 series and game controller rumble

(Topic created on: 09-03-2023 12:43 AM)
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Google introduced the game controller rumble feature in OS 12. Microsoft Xbox app does not support the feature when game streaming remotely, but apps like XBXplay does by using a cable and an OTG adapter (rumble does not work with a Bluetoothconnection). Been using the rumble feature on my Galaxy S20+ since I updated to OS 12 and it works flawlessly. I purchased the new Tab S9+ mainly for gaming and for some strange reason, Samsung removed the feature. Disappointing! I was in contact with the XBXPlay developer and after some testing, he says the rumble feature doesn't work because the tablet's native API doesn't support it where most previous Samsung devices do. He stated it was strange for Samsung to remove one of the main features for gamers in OS 12. Can other owners of the Tab S9 series verify their device doesn't support rumble also? Here's a useful link for testing the rumble. If the site doesn't provide the option to test rumble, the tablet doesn't support it.