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Tablet Camera - Galaxt Tab S8 Ultra - Dissapinting

(Topic created on: 01-20-2024 09:51 PM)
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I'm just wondering if anyone else is using a tablet camera as a main camera at least in the android ecosystem?

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is a fantastic tablet, I'm finding I am using it more than the iPad I have. 

However the camera for it, both the front and back, just seem to be a let down.

This is my first Samsung Galaxy S device and I would have thought that while not having the best camera that would be at least comparable. 

I do remember a few years go, going to events and concerts that people were filming with their iPads. Wouldn't it be better is we were seeing the Galaxy Tab line having this kind of usage too?
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Not me. I think it relates to two main factors both relating to reducing price
1. Deciding which features are most important to tablet users.
2. Specific to the cameras, what the cameras are normally used for, e.g. most office applications don't require high quality photos as they are used for web type images which are low quality, indeed for events unless your wrists are strong a tablet held up requires two hands.
On the other hand phone cameras provide insanely high quality images and are far easier to use at events