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Boost your productivity!

(Topic created on: 03-26-2023 05:53 PM)



One of the simplest and best ways to increase your productivity? Keep hydrated. 

Most of us don't drink enough water (around 75% only having 2.5 cups a day!) There are heaps of water reminder apps, and I recommend Hydro Coach. I've used it for about 2 or 3 years now and it's been super helpful so I dont forget to keep hydrated. 

I have the app on Galaxy S22 Ultra, synced with the Samsung Health app and Galaxy Watch5.

You can let the app decide how much water you need based on a few questions, or set your own target. Reminders can be as often or as little as you like.

What I love is thet you can create and save "vessels" and the amount of water they hold, rather than only being able to add a glass or a cup at a time eg 250ml, like a lot of apps.

Plus you can track other liquids like coffee, milk, juice etc if you like.

There are plenty of studies on the benefits of waters, including showing that just 1% dehydration can decrease productivity by a total of 12%. And the older you get, the more likely you are to be dehydrated - water retention drops, sense of thirst is less reliable, mote likely to have health conditions, be on medications... 

So keep healthy, keep production and cheers to water!

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This sounds interesting 🤔 I'm gnga cheak it out! I love new apps 😍
I've found it super helpful - especially on days when I'm thinking "why am I so tired?" and then realises I'm further behind on water intake than I thought