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Five tips for creating travel / experience videos

(Topic created on: 09-25-2022 08:21 AM)
Kia ora Members! I love to travel and share videos of my adventures. Here are some of the things that go into making my videos that I wanted to share with the community.

First up, an example video - taken in Melbourne with footage from the Wallabies v All Blacks match on 14 September. Filmed on Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. Edited with InShot (free). Music is "Be There" by Keewella.

1. Decide which way you're filming. YouTube? Landscape. TikTok/instagram? Portrait. I decided on portrait but filmed the wrong way a few times as I just film landscape by default! I actually had to go back to a few locations (Melbourne sign being the main one at the airport arrivals).

2. Have a plan for your story. I had no idea of the drama that this match would create (ref decision in final minute pretty much decided the match and Bledisloe Cup winner), but I still had a journey I wanted to take viewers on. The plane, arrival, hotel, merch pack, pre-match event, walking to stadium, match and crowd reactions, walk home.

3. Transitions while filming. Think about how each shot will move to the next before you film it. It helps if you have a plan (see #2). Examples include the plane shot moving swiftly up and down to show location transition. Rolling up for hotel to merch packs. Zooming in and out of merch. Swift movement to the side to show transition in time (photo op).

4. Film more than you need. I recommend multiple shots of the same thing if it's possible - I took heaps of videos at the pre-match event trying to get the right transition. Also film longer than you need as you can always cut but you cant add what isn't there. Fun fact: the fans cheering after the winning try was actually a celebration from an earlier try. 

5. Music gives purpose. Find a track that fits the story and guides the viewer with the beat. You'll need headphones (Buds 2 Pro are perfect for this), patience and a little bit of hyper focus/perfectionist traits! Always credit the artist. The theme for All Blacks Tours was "Be There" and I found this upbeat track, and edited it to fit my narrative.

I hope this has been of interest and can't wait to see more videos shared here.