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QN900B - 4K 100hz or higher gaming - Input Signal Plus problems

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I posted this into another countries forum in error...I made an assumption I could be helped anywhere. 


I was chatting with some reps via messenger and they told me to post here. 

Here is a copy paste of where the problems started and the current status of where I am at. 

Hi team…recently purchased the flagship tv. Now running into similar problems as multiple threads from older models trying to connect a pc to any hdmi port (well all but the earc port). 


I’ve had the tv recognise and actually get into game mode a handful of times and have seen things running at 100hz and 120hz in 4K and 60hz in 8K. HDR even is not selectable at this time.

Unfortunately 99% of the time as I select game mode to unlock the higher frame rates, the tv rejects the handshake and shows a blank screen telling me the hdmi port is unplugged. I turn off game mode and then turn off input signal plus and the tv returns to 4K but limited to 60hz. 

There are multiple threads here suggesting this goes back to the T range and the R and now  the flagship model with the one connect box which I paid a mint for is suffering the same fate. 

- 75 inch tv.

- windows 10 all updated. 

- graphics card updated and also reset from scratch 2 times.

- Used all hdmi ports on my 3080 Aorus master.

- Used all hdmi ports on the tv bar the e-arc port.

- I’ve reset the tv.

- I’ve tried 3 x hdmi cables new and old and all are 2.1 certified and range form 1.5 metres to 2.5 metres. 

Looking for tips and advice and ultimately a fix. Not keen to have a flagship tv that can’t do its job. 

**** Update after 1 week of Tinkering!

- purchased an overpriced HDMI cable that seems to have provided some more accessibility

- I can now change between game mode and standard tv mode but there are quirks in each mode


- When Input Signal Plus mode is on. I can now see the PC Resolutions in the Change Resolution Section of the NVIDIA Control Panel. I can now even select a 4K 100 or 120hz refresh rate. I cannot select VRR or G SYNC. I am also limited to Stereo Sound or 5.1 audio. Dolby Digital Does not work.

- When I turn on Game Mode to us VRR and G SYNC I can no longer see any PC Resolution and am limited to 60hz. 

- When I select a Ultra HD, HD, SD resolution then I am once again limited to 60hz. I can however use Dobly Digital. 

Please reach to me for a solution. 

I am solidly headed towards thinking this is a one connect box problem. 


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Hi @womsirom, thanks for reaching out. I suggest sending through your proof of purchase and details to the following email so that I can arrange for Level 2 support from our team. 

To: members.au@samsung.com

Subject: SamsungLaura - QN 900B - Black screen on Game Mode


Attach proof of purchase

Attach picture of compliance plate


Customers Name




Contact Number


Preferred Call Back Time


State (Of residence)




Serial Number


Product Issue


Trouble Shooting so far

  • Cold reboot
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I've replied to all of your emails and have even supplied additional information. The last reply I received from you was the 2nd August. Its now the 10th August? When will your level 2 team get back to me? All the issues persist.

I would like to know if there is way to get this all resolved or whether you are providing me with a new working TV or whether we are headed to refund stage. 

Please get back to me. I kind of do feel owed a level of premium service given the fact I've purchased your highest spec TV. 


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Hi anyone from Samsung. I’ve been trying to get a case resolved since July. Admittedly it must be my fault more than yours as I have a job and work from an office. Your level 2 support team only calls me during work hours. I’d love to take days off, but would rather save my leave balance for holidays and not tv fixing. 

Working from home today I gave up my lunch and thought I would call and try again. Totally blocked from speaking to either Level 2 Support or a supervisor after asking many times to be connected - sadly during my 2 hour and 22 min conversation not a single level 2 tech or supervisor became available. The poor agent just hung up on me in the end. During call I was promised a call back today…nothing so far. 

I’m not going to post my details here…I strongly urge you to log into your calls monitoring app and look up the 2 hour call. You’ll find my details in that call. Call me back please. Let’s have a chat…I’d love to hear how you are going to address my existing and now new issues (the 2h call). 

I’ll be available at 4pm my time zone. You’ll find that in my account details.