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Manage to get a screenshot of KKM's website, infosihat, on the status of Corona virus 2019-nCoV in Malaysia. For the past few days no new positive case reported. Follow all prescribed precautions by KKM/MOH. Compliance ensures control.
I am yet to get any update yet. Something wrong?
Xmas tree at Asia Retreat Centre, DengkilNo Christmas is complete without an Xmas tree. A majestic one was erected on the 23rd of December at ARC. Delay was due to an international conference that concluded on 22nd of December. The ambiance it create...
26th Dec 2019 Solar eclipse timingSolar eclipse today commencing at 11.20am and concluding at 3.11pm. Highest possible viewability is at 1.14pm. Precautions are to be observed by viewers. Certain traditions discourage food consumption during eclipses...
At Giant Kinrara this deco of Xmas Tree is sparkling graciously The excitement of Xmas is gaining momentum.