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I am hoping there is something in the works for new features for Samsung Pay... We don't have even the gift card option. Also we need new memberships added. There are way more in Canada that could onboarded than what is currently offered. Although I ...
Tmoney is now available for digital download for tourists. You can even recharge via the app! Would be nice if Samsung pay Canada would let us also upload this card to Samsung Pay to keep everything centralized in one app. There also a bunch of other...
any chance samsung pay gets involved first?
Hey everyone, Just came back from a trip to Korea and I have to say Samsung pay felt so easy to use. Never got any pushback from anyone 'cause of MST, actually cashiers would just take my phone and do it themselves, as usually the mag reader is on th...
I'm glad that Samsung pay keeps expanding in Canada. I do believe that a lot of the suggestions I am about make are probably already on the table, as they've already been released in some countries.- Paypal integration for Canadians. (I do know the l...