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Hello,Here's the glorious time where I started to anticipate the Note. But this time, nothing for me. I will stand to my Note 9 and when I'll need to buy a new phone, I'll look for a cheaper phone with almost the same quality but at half the Samsung ...
Hello, can anyone tell me why I still can't download the Good Lock application. Someone told me that I had to wait for OneUI 2.0. Another of those strictly for canadians feature. Thanks again Samsung! 
Just received the update to Android 10 and OneUI 2.0 to my Note 9 canadian edition (the last of the whole word).But with february security update. We'll have march update in december... For me Samsung is dead. I'll use this phone till I'll feel the n...
Today is february 27th and it appears that there will be no update before march.Will we receive the february security update in March? Does this mean that we were insecure for a whole month? Or does this mean that we will be in insecurity for the com...
Few minutes ago I went to to check if there was a new firmware for my canadian Note 9.You know what: Canada is THE ONLY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD that do not received it's Android 10 upgrade. Go on Samsung keep on laughting about canadians! ...