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Is this email legit from Samsung? Don't want to give my info until I find out.
Just saw this on Facebook... hopefully means Canada too. Looks like it. That's tomorrow.
I've noticed my S8+ has screen burn in. If I look at light colored images I can see the off color where the navagation and status bar is usually at. I'm assuming this is not normal, correct? Should I get it repaired under warranty before it gets wors...
Well it looks like I'll still have to send my S8 Plus in for service. I've tried wiping the cache, factory resetting, no SD card, new SD card, no apps and after getting a suggestion on here yesterday morning I tried redoing the software with Smart Sw...
I've contacted Samsung and will be sending my S8 Plus in for repair. It keeps locking up a couple times a day and becomes unusable until I force restart it with the side buttons. I've tried wiping the cache, factory resetting the phone, trying withou...