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Since yesterday I've noticed this feature no longer working. I've tried turning it on and off and restarting phone. Anyone else having same issue any suggestions on how to fix?Using note 10+
Has anyone been able to add a debit card to Samsung pay on any of the watches? Gear S3, Galaxy Watch, etc....
in Canada how are we to use Bixby and the smart things app to control our smart devices? its says you need the smart hub or samsung connect/pro. last I checked the Samsung connect/pro has been discontinued.
hey guys just a suggestion regarding the split screen feature for Good lock 2018. myself and I'm sure other users dont find the new split screen feature very intuitive. if you could some how incorporate the old version that would be great. having to ...
samsung has discontinued the samsung connect (Pro) hub. I wanted to purchase one online but it was put of stock for about 2 months and then there was no option to add to cart. how are customer to use the smart things app to control their smart device...