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hello. i have samsung watch 46mm lte and i am having problem with the incorrect reading when i am running, walking and biking. it is always off compare to my s10 reading. for example.ran 5km. samsung health on s10 showed 5k but the watch only showed ...
Does anyone here experienced overheating on their S10? It happened to me twice already during normal use. It is so hot that i have to place it somewhere. I donk know if this is an isolated case or there are other people experiencing the same. I just ...
Will it work on Sony Xperia to Samsung s8?
I noticed that the battery drains faster after the update, is it just me?
i am thinking of buying my first smart watch and so far i am leaning towards gear s3 frontier. For all the G3 user, what can you say about the watch? is it worth it? any disadvantage? Thanks for all who will reply.