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A small man is suddenly showing in the lower right corner of my A52. I must have hit something in error to cause this to show. How can I remove it ?
It seems that all of a sudden the print on my emails (and including this community post) have become EXTREMELY light ... almost too light to read (in all folders).It must have been something I did ... but I have no idea what, or how to correct it.I h...
When doing a Google Search ... my A52 5g usually only allows the first letter of my search to be entered ... then drops down to the previous searches. I then have to go back to the Google search bar and enter the rest of the search information. Can a...
Hi All !When shutting down (turning off) my A52 5g, the round tab that must be tapped twice always used to be red in colour. Now, for some strange reason it is showing as a dark gray.Anyone know how I can change it back to red ?Any help would be appr...
How do I change the sound on my Galaxy A52 5g so that the sound when I receive a text differs from the sound when I receive an email? I like the notification sound I get  when I receive an email ... but I just want a different sound when I receive  t...