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I think i need new charger but only see 4 s series.Thanx
HiAs above Phone plays loud music veryLOUDLY but person on other end can't hear music but not me either.PLEASE ADVISE 
So many issues with many contributors at a time SOUND: How can I *restore* the sound sampler list? Used 2 B a list with samples but now when I click sounds under notifications -> I'm shot to file manager. PLEASE ADVISENB WANT 2 POST SCREENSHOTS BUT h...
HiAlways used pop3 thunderbird set to save on server but had laptop issues and guess I accidentally put mail in trash and didn't know gmail chrome could not b reversed and if u R putting them back they'd b deletedHUGE MESS also didnt realize the phon...


Galaxy a70 Android update and now home page has 12 blank icons on it please advise THANKS