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After the one UI 2.1 update, live focus mode is crap. I tried it outside and inside. Wiped cache and data. Live focus struggles to keep me in focus. Will blur random parts of my face. Super frustrating.
I think after this last August security update my vibration feedback has changed. My recent menu doesnt give me haptic feedback. Home swipe and press as well as back button vibrate but now my recent menu touch or swipe. Anyone else have this? I resta...
Samsung should release an update for the selfie cam of the s10. Sounds weird to be pissy about maybe but my ears are almost constantly blurry in live focus selfies and it bugs the hell out of me. I dont have that issue with gcam.
When I go into camera settings on s10 plus, there is an option for selfie shape correction but I am unable to turn it on. Not that I think my face looks overly distorted or anything but I'm just wondering why that is.
I gotta be honest. I think this s10+ is a substantial upgrade from even the s9+. Its much faster and smoother. The camera processing is way better. HDR and sharpness is much improved. I like the form factor more. The fingerprint sensor is hit and mis...