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Can't wait to get a hands on experience with the Fold 4. I'm looking to upgrade soon, but having to decide between the Fold 4, go with S22 ultra, or hold off for the S23 and see what that will look like. In that in-between period of new devices so I'...
I'm wondering how there are people with over 1 million steps already when we're only 14 days into the month. You'd have to average 71000/ day to reach that amount of steps..... don't feel motivated to join these if people are scamming the record
I know that it lists the swa-8500 as compatible, but is that really the only one?
I've noticed recently that my sleep starts aren't being transferred over into the app when I try to view it. It'll show details on the main screen and in my galaxy active 2, but not in the sleep section. Anyone else experience this?