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Hopefully the January update will fix the standby battery drain on my Note 8
Hi, ever since firmware 1240 my TV has been getting horrible motion stutter literally every 2 mins.I've tinkered around with motion settings but nothing seems to fix it. Is anyone else experiencing this?
Some bugs were fixed with the update . Bugs fixed included spotify control from Lock screen and screen waking up on loud speaker calls. Unfortunately some new bugs were included too.How long until Samsung fixes new bugs that came with it?
I've tried doing a roll back to Oreo on my note 8 using Odin but get an error (succeed 0/failed1) . I called a local repair shop to ask how much they charge and they told me Note 8 has "roll back protection" . Can anyone confirm about this roll back ...
Anyone else experiencing their battery percentage randomly appearing and disappearing on the top right corner? Any way to make it either stay or keep it from coming back on?