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Does anyone else experience times when they touch the screen the phone doesn't respond, or at times it tends to lag a little bit?? And not even using multi windows when this occurs. And the touch issue tends to be on the right side of the screen fold
Just wondering if anyone has heard if samsung is ever going to be giving galaxy watch 3 in canada the ECG AND STUFF IT WAS ADVERTISED TK HAVE??? This is absolutely BS and I am getting more than fed up
Me and wife have the same phone. Samsung galaxy Z fold 2. But for some reason she had an update from Samsung store of something called "SAMSUNG CORE SERVICES" And mine didn't. When I clicked to see what it was, it just showed a bunch of little Androi...
So when is canada going to be getting all these features samsung has promoted as available on the galaxy watch 3? Why does canada get sh!t on by samsung?? Also why is there no Facebook messenger app for the samsung watches??? Heck even Garmin or what...
Anyone know if they are ever going to release an official Facebook messenger app for the Samsung galaxy watch 3?