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Galaxy s10 keeps saying moisture/water detected in charge port. Even though there isn't any in there. Anyone else have this happening to them?
I have the Samsung galaxy s20 ultra and the galaxy watch 46mm and lately I have been getting non-stop silent notifications from Samsung accessory service transferring data to somewhere. I'm assuming its to my watc but not entirely sure. Is there a wa...
Samsung is great except for their lack of security for your account when phoning in. My ex-Fiance did this to me. And I had to do this to get my account back. But it's so easy for someone to take over your samsung account.Al they need to m know is yo...
Here is a list of all my apps. On my phone. I dont know why I have 3 listed phone apps and there is a bunch of apps I dont know what they do. Anyone know if any of these apps are harmful in any way??