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I currently have a smartthings hub (the previous version not current) and am looking to get the smartthings wifi.I am not able to find a clear suggestion/answer to this: should I use the new wifi system as a hub, or continue using my existing hub? As...
I received an email today about the "Story sharing" service ending. I want to confirm that only the "sharing" aspect is ending and that my phone will still create the collages, videos, and albums on my phone after the end date?
Just a heads up, I finally received an update for my Note 8 today (Nov 16), I am with Rogers. Does not look like anything major, but my security patch went from Aug 1 to Oct 1.Just be sure to check for updates to see if you have it too!
Does anyone know if it is possible to disable an album in the gallery from showing in the pictures view? My work sometimes requires me to take pictures for reference and they are quite boring so I have no reason to have them show as I am going throug...
I received my Note8 preorder bonus and sd card. I am trying to set up Bixby Vision to save the images to the sd card but I cannot find a way to change it from internal storage. Is it possible?