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Vehicles riding and parked while the buildings are tall, a crane still waiting to be operated, the harbour with a ferry tugging along and a blurred view of Dartmouth with a thick layer of fog
So happy to be home finally for the day. I installed pie on my s8 and so far I'm just going through everything and bot seeing any problems yet (knock on wood). I'm actually really liking it from what I'm seeing so far. Besides what difficulties anyon...
I've deleted the text shortcuts about 4 times now and I'm starting to get irritated because they keep popping back up out of the blue. Does anyone know how to permanently remove them from the keyboard?
Just love this s8 camera
I'm having such a hard time adding my echo dot to a specific room... Actually any room for that matter. I've tried and I'm honestly getting nowhere. Help anyone? It's connected and paired just cant figure out how to add it to any room